Bachelors of Science, Computer Science; Oregon State University


Identifying Reasoning Flaws in Planning-Based RL Using Tree Explanations - Kin-Ho Lam, Zhengxian Lin, Jed Irvine, Jonathan Dodge, Zeyad T Shureih, Roli Khanna, Minsuk Kahng, and Alan Fern; IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 Workshop, June 2020.

How Do Mere Mortals Localize Faults in AI Explanations? A qualitative study - Rupika Dikkala, Jonathan Dodge, Caleb Matthews, Catherine Hu, Sai Raja, Caroline Gao, Jed Irvine, Zeyad Shureih, Zhengxian Lin, Kin-Ho Lam, Roli Khanna, Andrew Anderson, Minsuk Kahng, Alan Fern, and Margaret Burnett, Submitted September 2020 (under review).

Keeping It “Organized and Logical”: After-Action Review for AI (AAR/AI) - Theresa Mai, Roli Khanna, Jonathan Dodge, Jed Irvine, Kin-Ho Lam, Zhengxian Lin, Nicholas Kiddle, Evan Newman, Sai Raja, Caleb Matthews, Christopher Perdriau, Margaret Burnett, and Alan Fern; ACM Int. Conf. Intelligent User Interfaces, March 2020.


Oregon State University Explanable AI Research; explores explanation-informed acceptance testing of deep adaptive programs. I designed explanation-rich scenarios for research explanations; Managed a graduate-student team; coordinated, designed, and ran human-subject studies.
My Senior Capstone Project: Creating a reliable depth sensor using a computer vision model and a cheap lidar sensor.

Personal Projects

Stateless web application, displays my stock trading algorithm's daily realized gains/losses (USD). This site is not financial advice. This site is neither a solicitation nor an offer to buy or sell any financial product. Stock investment involves risk and may result in a loss. My trading algorithm is written in node.js. I will not be posting source code or discussing my algorithm.
Stateless web application, Binary Naive Bayes Classifier calculator in your local browser. Enter features or observations and calculate probabilities.
Stateless web application, quick math practice in your local browser. Randomly generated addition, subtraction, multiplcation, and division math problems within your own constraints.
Stateless web application, displays the current time. Double-click to set a count-down.
Stateless web application, whitelisted-only Reddit browsing without an account. Made before I discovered multireddits exist. Uses cors-anywhere Heroku proxy for cross-origin requests to anywhere.
ADB commands to de-bloat Samsung Android Phones without root. Makes Samsung One UI closer to stock Android without breaking useful features.
World of Warcraft (WoW) Addon manager. Open source, built with Electron, minimalist GUI. Project founder & development lead. The only open source addon manager for World of Warcraft™ built in Electron. Serves as a universal decentralized software distribution proof of concept. Features a continuous integration pipeline leveraging cloud services to perform automated testing and building.